Friday, June 5, 2009

Curious about Coyotes?

If so, Zoe has written an entire book on the subject! Zoe has been waiting all week for Landon to bring his bare book home, and she got the idea yesterday to sit and read all of them with him. He read his to her and she read hers to him.

I had forgotten how hilarious her books were! I am going to post them here, mostly for posterity, but also because they just amuse me! I’ll try to do one a day…Enjoy!


Cover of the book: Curious about Coyotes


Yes, here we go! Pages 1 and 2:


Pages 3 and 4:


Pages 5 and 6:


Pages 7 and 8:


Pages 9 and 10:


Pages 11 and 12:


Pages 13 and 14:


Pages 15 and 16:


Pages 17 and 18:


Page 19:


I think that my favorite pages are 1 and 2. How funny is it that if coyote’s have a good voice they are musical? And the next time the earth shakes, you can bet there must be a coyote howling somewhere nearby! Ooowwwww!   


Carmen O. said...

So very cool!

Amanda said...

That little book is so sweet! I'm sure you'll hold on to it forever! I'm finding that I can't throw anything away. I keep all of my boys' projects. I need to select a few very special ones and toss the rest. But it's so hard for me to do!

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