Sunday, June 14, 2009

Officially Vacationing

And so begins a week long vacation at one of our very favorite spots…our home away from home. No matter how many times we come here, we always look forward to it and the first thing we do is sit and plan what activities we’re going to do. This week is going to be busy and today was no exception!

When we first checked in I wasn’t too thrilled with the room we got so I called the office and they upgraded us to a nicer room. We started with a one bedroom/half kitchen and NO Jacuzzi. We upgraded to a one bedroom (king size bed!) with a Jacuzzi and a full kitchen; much better! After unpacking the car and then all the bags, we headed over to the deli for dinner where the first craft of the week got under way:


The lesson was making roses out of napkins and Tony was the teacher. Landon’s kinda looked like it was a poppy in a vase, but it kept him busy until the pizza arrived! Zoe was very proud of her creation…can’t you tell in the picture?


Zoe was really concerned about her farmer tan until she spotted this guy in the pizza joint. We all thought it was pretty hilarious and I just had to get a picture…

After dinner we headed over to the skate park where Landon got to try going down the ramps. He was pretty nervous at first so he rode down them while sitting but soon he was ready to give it a go while standing. We’ll be going back tomorrow for sure!


The skate park closed at eight so we went and played a round of mini golf. We’ll never know who won for sure because Tony never added up the final score. So, we’re all assuming it was probably me who won! ;)

IMG_5316IMG_5308 IMG_5305

I made an appointment to get a pedicure at the spa in the morning and Zoe is going to come with me and get a manicure. We are both pretty excited! After that we plan on riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain, attend the craft fair, go to the pool, then maybe go to the magic show later that evening! 


Carmen O. said...

Sounds like the start of a perfect vacation to me! Happy Vacation!!

Amanda said...

Have a great time on vacation! Yay for Jacuzzis!

Tony said...

I won the mini golf, by a landslide!

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