Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Towel Creatures

Another thing you just don’t see anywhere except on cruises is these little towel creatures. There’s a new one every night after dinner. Here are some of ours from this trip and my best guesses as to what they are supposed to be!

A towel swan?A swan?


A Bulldog?


A Poodle…and, a little boy who just loves jumping in a picture at the last second!


A Stingray. I’m feeling pretty confident about this one!


I’m thinking this is another Bulldog. Maybe a slightly friendlier one than the first? Maybe a pug?


Elephant! I’ve so got this one!


A Frog maybe? If not, then I just have no idea.


A Bat.


And, last but not least, a monkey.

If you ever take a cruise, and are interested in learning how to create these towel animals, there is actually a demonstration you can attend.

We skipped it.

We didn’t attend the cooking demo or the napkin folding class either.

We’re just not cool like that.


Carmen O. said...

OMG How funny! Something I've never seen before. Gosh guess I'm cruise deprived LOL!

ValAnn said...

They are one of the best parts of going on a cruise! We had a dinosaur for one of ours, and I always love the monkeys they leave hanging around! hope you had a blast!

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