Thursday, July 30, 2009

St. Thomas


This was the view we had when our tour guide stopped on the way to Magen’s Bay. St. Thomas is a gorgeous island! You can see how the water is lighter up close to the shoreline, then gets darker a little ways out. You could see right through that crystal blue water and it was so cool and refreshing to be out there in it!

My mother in law, relaxing on the beach

My mother-in-law absolutely loves the beach! She’s still a little nervous in the water despite all her swim lessons though, so here she is just enjoying some relaxation in the sunshine!


I’m sorry this photo isn’t closer up because it is a really cute picture of my sister and Lorenzo. They were really enjoying themselves out there!


My parent’s spent a good deal of time just floating around out in the ocean on their mat. You can see Tony and Landon in the background.


I tried to get a picture of Jaron but he dove under water too quick and all I got was his feet!


This is such a cute picture of my sister and Zoe. I just love that Zoe’s wearing goggles in this one. Goggles always crack me up a little bit! And, again Tony and Landon are in the background…


And, now all of you out there can see why I don’t take Tony seriously most of the time. I mean, have you ever seen anyone look that goofy or what? He and Landon sure were having a good time doing whatever it was they were doing though!


Oh, and I did finally get a picture of Jaron! LOL! Can you tell it’s him? He kinda looks like a creature from the deep here!


Our view on the way back to the ships. I got this shot as we were driving but I thought it turned out pretty good anyways. We were sad to leave the beach that day, it was just so beautiful and relaxing!

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Carmen O. said...

Wow GORGEOUS! Love it all and I'm sure you do too. Love the last photo it's so serene.

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