Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baseball Camp

Today Landon finished his final camp for this summer. He didn’t love this camp as much as I hoped he would, but now at least we know what NOT to sign him up for! Thankfully it was only 3 days long, I just don’t think he would have been happy had it lasted any longer.

Zoe came home today, and she had a blast while she was away. I’m glad she had fun, but I’m happier that she’s back home. I really do miss arguing with her. ;)


Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Howard County Fair, but right now it’s looking iffy. Landon has been throwing a fit about getting to bed tonight, so I’m having second thoughts on treating him to anything. I might just have to be mean and stay home. We’ll see.

Today was also our consultation with Landon’s orthodontist. First he saw his regular dentist to get some sealant’s put on, then the ortho looked around and told us what a mess Landon’s upper teeth were in.

Basically his top two front teeth are coming in weird. Well, one of them is anyways; he has a cross bite. And a crooked cross bite at that! He’ll need to wear head gear in order to make room for his two incisors and he may also need to snip the little flap of skin that connects his lip to his gums on the top in order to help his top teeth come in straighter. (I don’t know what that thing is called!) So, we have our second appt. (another consultation basically) on Sept. 10th.

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