A Day at the Fair

Today we headed out to the Howard County Fair. It turned out to be pretty hot, but the fair wasn’t very busy and the kids were able to ride all the rides they wanted without ever waiting in line. Landon surprised me by riding a few things I didn’t think he would ever ride, and Zoe rode everything as she usually does. She just doesn’t have any fear when it comes to amusement parks…unless they happen to have a swinging pirate ship. For some reason that type of ride turns her knees to jelly

The kids on the Ferris Wheel.Zoe and Courtney rode the zipper twice!Zoe and Landon on the swingsZoe, Landon and Courtney on the Super ShotZoe and CourtneyEnjoying a funnel cake and some popcorn while watching a magic show.


Carmen O. said…
Fun, fun, fun! I hope to get to a fair here one of these years. I miss Wisconsin State Fair.
Amanda said…
Looks like a fun day!
Wow, those are some awesome pics! Looks like the kids had a great time! --Aimee

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