Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heat Cup 2009

This was Landon’s first time ever participating in a soccer tournament. He played very well and I was surprised how good he did despite the blazing sun! We were sweating just watching so I’m not sure how he managed to play two games, but he did.

In between Landon’s games, Zoe had soccer tryouts. Today was the first day of that for this school year and she was pretty nervous. When I picked her up from the morning session she was feeling much more confident, and after a short nap she had to head back over for the second session. She said she thought she did really good during that session too, so now we just have to do it again Monday and Tuesday!

Tomorrow Landon has one more game, but Zoe has the day off. I’m sure she’ll probably need the one day to recuperate from today’s tryouts! The only picture’s I have are from Landon’s game(s). I didn’t think Zoe would appreciate me out there taking picture’s of her during tryouts!


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Amanda said...

How exciting! Sounds like a busy soccer season for the family. Wildman is in soccer for the first time this season. It's sooooo cute!

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