Sunday, August 2, 2009

Helping Dad

Today was a nice lazy day for the most part. Well, it was nice and lazy for me I guess, but Tony was pretty busy. He and Landon were building.

Tony Landon wearing gogglesToo scared to use the saw It's coming together now!

Landon really wanted to use the power tools, but when Tony put him in front of the saw, he wasn’t so sure anymore! He was too scared to do it. He did get to help hammer a little and use the drill some too. Those goggles he’s got on mean business, don’t they? Anyone got a guess as to what they’re building? I’m thinking they’ll finish tomorrow, as long as the rain holds off.


madutton said...

I think it is a skate ramp. Love the pictures and blog. Mom

Carmen O. said...

At first it looked like step but then I see the boards that would be steps are not flat so I'm thinking a skateboard ramp? Now Noah will want heck he'll want to build it cuz he's always wanted one. We told him no because we don't want all the skaters here and the liability.

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