Saturday, August 1, 2009

Labadee, Haiti

Our final port was Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private island. It’s pretty much an all day beach day. There are lot’s of things to do or you can do nothing. Tony, Landon and I didn’t do much, by we had a great time. We got Landon a pass to ride down this giant water slide all day, and he sure took advantage of it! He must have gone down that slide at least 100 times.

Landon on the giant water slide.

We also paid for the kids (yes, that includes Tony) to go to their ocean water park for an hour. They were having a great time out there, but it ended quick for Zoe because she cut he leg on the trampoline and it was bleeding pretty bad. I was too worried about the cut to get pictures, but it sure looked nasty. (It turned out to be just a little surface cut, and she was fine.)

The kids swimming out to the slides.Zoe at the waterpark

My parents went on a boat around the island where they learned about the history of Labadee. Both of my parents said it was awesome and that should we ever go back to Labadee we should go on that excursion.

Mom and Dad on the Discovery

LaTisha, Lorenzo, Jaron and Zoe went out on the jet skis and had a great time! So great in fact that they wanted to go out a second time, but it was just too expensive for a second run. I was dying to do it, but Landon wanted to go and he was just too young. Maybe next time.

Lorenzo and Jaron on the jet skis

Tish and Zoe on the jet skis

Me hiding behind a palm tree

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