Thunder vs Thunder


Today was Landon’s first soccer game. The weather has been really nice lately, so he didn’t even have to play in intense heat. He played really well in the first half, and kept up with the ball the whole time. He’s really improved since last year, and I’m surprised at how much difference a year can make!

During the second half Tony and I noticed he wasn’t as into the game, and was barely running at all. We thought he was just tired already, but after the game he informed us that he had somehow hurt his leg. I guess he didn’t hurt it too badly though because he was able to skateboard and run around with a ball this evening…


Amanda said…
Go Landon! I'm sorry to hear that he got hurt though.

Wildman is on his first soccer league ever. He's the kid picking grass in the field and totally not 'getting it'. He's only 4 though. I'm hoping things will get better with time.
Tony said…
AWESOME! Action Shot!

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