Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Today we made our annual trek to the Renaissance Fest. The weather was overcast and cool all day, and because it looked like it was going to rain a lot of the crowd didn’t show up! Every other year we’ve been it’s been super hot and packed full of people so this was a nice change.


We were able to get to several shows, some we’ve seen every year, some new ones.

  • A Fooled Named O- We’ve seen this show for years, and it started with just O and then evolved to O and his son, and then more recently turned into O and La La. I think the most current show is the best, and we can’t help but laugh at how silly the show is.
  • The Renaissance Man is a show we’ve never seen before, but I’m glad we stayed after O to see it. He used kids from the audience to act out the story of Pandora, the first woman in Greek mythology. The kids were really cute and the Renaissance Man did a great job making us all laugh the whole way through.
  • Landon really wanted to see Johnny Fox again, so Tony my dad and the kids went to watch that while mom and I went to get massages. Mom said her massage wasn’t very good, but mine was great! Johnny Fox grosses me out, so I wasn’t sad to miss his show. I’ve seen him several times before and it never fails to make me queasy.
  • The Amazing Nocheaux- was something we’ve never seen before either, and I don’t think I’d watch them again. Their story was ok, but a little boring. They did some magic, but nothing real interesting, and they need to work on the humor aspect because it was a little dry.
  • Hypnosis Bob- This is the one show Zoe really wanted to see and it’s also the one I was most excited about.We watched it last year and we thought it was hilarious! This year was pretty good too, but I think last year’s group of people were a little better…maybe because it was all new to me then, I don’t know. Overall, the show is still pretty funny and watching people who are hypnotized is really cool!
  • The London Broil- Another new show to us, and I really enjoyed it. They had us laughing the entire show, and they were great jugglers as well. They did mess up quite a few times, but it just made the show all the more funny! Comedy and juggling actually works very well together! Who knew?

We also caught Hack and Slash right at the end of their show, and we’ll have to try to catch the whole thing next year. It looks like another comedy act, and I noticed a lot of people wearing Hack and Slash t-shirts, so maybe they all know something I don’t!

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