Friday, October 2, 2009

Daily Dose of Laughter

Landon: “Mom, when you were younger was there color?”

Me: “Huh?”

Landon: “You know, was there color or was everything black and white?”

Me: {stifling laugh} “Um, you mean real life or tv?”

Landon: {a little embarrassed, getting mad} “It’s not funny, don’t laugh at me! I mean in real life!”

Me: “Yes Landon, there was color even way back then.”

Landon: “Well, what about on tv?”

I’m still chuckling about this! The things he says sometimes just kill me! Zoe still gets me every now and again too, like yesterday when we had a conversation something like this:

Zoe: “Were Meme and Papa mad at you when you got pregnant with me?”

Me: “Well, they weren’t exactly happy about it, but they handled it well.”

Zoe: “I’ll bet they were mad when TT (what the kids call their aunt) told them she was pregnant.”

Me: “I don’t know how they reacted, I wasn’t there.”

Zoe: “Wait a minute…were you and TT pregnant at the same time?”

Me: {unsure if she’s serious or not} “Seriously Zoe? You and Jaron are two years apart!”

Zoe: {laughing} “Oh, yeah!”

Even at 14 she can say the funniest stuff! I know she just wasn’t thinking when she said that, but seriously! They crack me up!

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ValAnn said...

Kids say the craziest things sometimes! I love it!

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