Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just wanted to post a few random photo’s we took last night during/after dinner. Some of them are pretty cute, like this one of Zoe modeling her straw:


And this one of Tony and Zoe:


And this one of Tony, Zoe and Landon:


And then there was this one that Zoe took of Tony, Landon and I:


Too bad none of the shots Landon took came out. He’s crazy with the camera though! Just snappin’ away, or taking way too long to actually take the picture, we just never know what to expect so we’re blinking/talking/laughing hysterically in all of them…and they’re terrible!

Oh, and speaking of Landon, here’s another Landonism from the other day. We were watching the movie Finding Nemo the other day when he was home sick. Near the end of the movie he looks at me and asks: “I forget, is this a true story, or not?”

Ha! I about peed myself…but quietly because he gets so upset when I laugh about something he’s asked. He’s just a little sensitive these days! I just answered that no, it wasn’t a true story, at least not to my knowledge!

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