Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mother’s Day layout


We went to visit my Mom for Mother’s Day this year and we were all outside watching the kids skateboard, so I asked Tony to take some pictures of us together.

I guess we were all being goofy (imagine that!) and really this is the best one he got of us. Unfortunately, I’ve got my tongue sticking out, but other than that it’s an okay picture! The other pictures  were worse, with people’s eyes closed, tongues out, or moving around!


Carmen O. said...

Oh Angela this is so very pretty! I love the softness of it and all the wonderful layers. So what if you've got your tongue out? It's just a reminder of how much fun you all have when you're together!

Tony said...

Well, if you all would hold still for a moment, I might actually get a good shot.

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