Sunday, December 27, 2009

Party Poppers

This year I bought some party poppers for the dinner table. Everyone was really curious about them since none of us has ever used them before. I was so into everything on Christmas day that I didn’t even remember to take pictures! I did get some pictures after the fact though!

Here’s my mom with Zoe and Jaron all donning their paper crowns:


And Landon…not too happy about his crown being pink. I told him pink looked great on him though!


And, here’s one of my dad playing with the “magic” trick that came out of his popper; the poppers weren’t only filled with paper crowns, they had little trivia questions, jokes and games in them as well.


I’m hoping my sister won’t kill me for posting this one of her; she looks like a little princess…


Unfortunately, the one picture I got of Tony was really blurry and I didn’t even get one of myself or Dottie! Oh well. I thought these were pretty neat though and I think I’ll try to get them again.

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