Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Thankful Layout

Remember when Zoe and I made these? They looked really cute all set up on the table, and everyone tried really hard to come up with nice, meaningful things to write inside of their card.

I wanted to keep these cards as a reminder of what we were all thankful for in 2009 but had to really think how I was going to keep them from getting torn up or stashed away never to be seen again. I first thought about trying to make a mini book with them, then I thought I’d just put a big ring through them all as a flip book type thing…but neither of those ideas struck me as great.

Finally I just decided to make a scrapbook page with them. Once I started to get the idea for how to put them on the pages, it all just came together for me pretty fast.


I thought it was great that we could flip open the cards to see what everyone wrote, and get to display the cute little cards too…but even better yet, I decided to add everyone’s picture from that day to their card:


I just love that everyone’s photo+handwriting+thankful thoughts are all there! Now I just have to remember to do this again next year, it’ll be great to see how everyone’s changed!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I'm totally doing this next year! How cool!

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