Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Lucky Day

I’ve been trying to get to the gym on days that I’m not feeling nauseous, and unfortunately I’ve missed quite a few days in the past few weeks. I have decided that I’ll just go as often as I can make myself and be happy with it.

So, today I woke up feeling pretty good. I got dressed, put Landon on the bus and headed up there ready to do some cardio. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a police car with it’s lights on, and then two fire trucks with their lights on. There were also several people standing around outside and the building was being evacuated.

I couldn’t believe my luck! I turned my truck right around and headed back home! Did I care what was going on at the gym? Nope! All that commotion only meant one thing and that was that I didn’t have to sweat today. Woo Hoo! 

Later on I found out from a friend that someone had smelled gas outside of the gym and had called 911…she also said that the gym was open and running again by 9:15am and that it was almost completely empty.

I did feel a little guilty once I got home though, so I took Ginger on a walk. I nearly froze to death, so it was a short walk, but while we were out I got this cute picture of her:

13) Ginger

I think she looks so cute! She nearly blends in with the background, but she just looks so sweet! 

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