Project 365; Week 1

I decided to try Project 365 this year. Basically, you take a photo every day (of whatever) and then scrap the photos. You can either scrap it day to day, or 7 photo’s for a week, or even make one monthly page…whatever suits you. I was a little scared to try it last year, it just seemed like too much commitment, but once I started hearing about it again this year, I thought why not? I can take a picture a day, and I don’t have to make the page immediately.

So, since the first of this year, I have been taking my pictures. Yes, we are only 12 days in and I’ve already had a little trouble, but I’m going to keep going. I’ve even got the first weeks layout finished:


I am going to keep these pages pretty simple. I want the focus to be on the photo’s and journaling, not the embellishments. I like that these pictures are going to represent the day to day stuff and not just big events that I tend to pay more attention to. Now I just have to stay motivated, and that’s really the hardest part!


Carmen O. said…
Oh Angela I just love this! I hope someday to do this. Even if it's only once a month that still would be great history. Hope you can keep motivated and get as many as you'd like.
ValAnn said…
This is a FANTASTIC idea! One of these years, I may have to try this...

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