Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Snow that Wasn’t Supposed to Be

We were not expecting any snow today, but fortunately for us the weather people were wrong!

Unfortunately we did have some things that we had to get done today, like get Landon’s braces fixed since he managed to pull the wire out yesterday on accident. Then, we had someone call to come look at the house so we had to be out anyways…until they called to cancel due to the weather! Go figure, right? We also had to drive out and pick Zoe up from her friends house.

All in all it took about 3 hours to do all that because of the roads, but now that we are all home again, I love the snow! (And, I’m so thankful that we weren’t one of the people who ended up in a ditch on the side of the road! Driving in the snow sure can be scary!)


The first picture was one I took in the morning, I think around 11am or so. You can tell there isn’t much out there, but if you look in the background near that car you can see how heavily it is falling.


The second photo was taken around 3 or so when we got home. Zoe wanted to hold up her lollipop in the pic and I thought it was kinda cute!


The last picture was taken around 5:30 or so and I had Zoe measure it so I could get a photo! She is such a good sport sometimes! According the our handy dandy ruler we have a little over 4 inches right now…but I think if we had measured out in the yard it would be closer to 6 or so.

I’ll probably have plenty of chances to get a better measurement tomorrow since Landon’s already talking about snowboarding and sledding in the morning!

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