Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr. Magic

The third graders at Landon’s school all had to choose someone famous to write a book report on. In true Landon fashion, he chose Houdini. We sure learned a lot about Houdini and he was actually a very interesting person who led an incredible life. Landon was quite fascinated by the crazy tricks he did and that made doing this report very simple.

I went in to the school this morning to watch him give his report, mostly because he asked me to be there, but also because this is his first of what I am sure will be many book reports. He told me he was very nervous because he had to stand in the front of the class and read, but he did a great job. (I’ve had him practice reading to anyone who would listen all week!)

I’m not going to post the entire video I took of him reading because it’s pretty hard to hear what he’s saying, but I do have this little part from the end:

His dad suggested he tell that little joke at the end, and it seemed the perfect ending to his report. The joke originally came from this guy who we see every year at the Renaissance Festival. Hope he doesn’t mind!

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