Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project 365, Week 6

Despite being stuck in the house for the last several days I have been successful with my daily photo’s, even if they are mostly about the weather! These pages are already so routine I can have them put together in about 10 minutes or so!


The kids are finally back in school and they are actually pretty happy to be back…well, at least Zoe is; Landon’s never really ready. They both came home with their report cards and I am happy to say that both of them were on the Honor Roll again! They continue to do great in school and I am very proud of them!

One thing that was kind of funny (to me, anyways!) though was that one of Landon’s teachers wrote “Improvement needed in behavior”. His Instrumental Music teacher wrote that and when I asked Landon about it, he got really upset and kept telling me he had no idea why his teacher would write that about him! He stewed about it all afternoon saying that he had only gotten in trouble once in his class.

I thought the whole thing was kind of sweet, really. Because it  bothered Landon that his teacher would say that shows how hard he tries to be good in school and is still at that age where he cares what his teachers think of him…I know how that can change once they hit middle school!Landon won’t even be friends with the “trouble makers” in his class! If I ask him why he doesn’t like someone he always says it’s because they get in trouble too much! :)


ValAnn said...

Love the icicle picture!

Amanda said...

10 minutes to do these pages? I'm impressed. I don't think I'd be able to keep up with it. Good for you!

Poor, Landon. He sounds like a very conscientious boy.

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