Saturday, February 6, 2010

Storm of the Century?

Well, that’s what they’re calling it on the news anyways. I cannot believe how much snow we already have outside and it just keeps coming down like it’ll never end. We are well above the 2 feet mark, and it isn’t supposed to stop snowing until late tonight!

Tony has been shoveling off and on all day. He did some of the front, then dug a path in the back, then back to the front again…it is an endless job right now and the worst part is that it just keeps coming down.

I got a couple video’s today, but I couldn’t do much because it was too snowy and windy and I didn’t want to get the camera wet…

The first one is of Tony. I suppose if you are the one doing all the shoveling you might as well have a little fun while your at it. I wish the darn screen door wasn’t in the way! If you look in the distance a bit you can see our fence, which is 4 feet tall…now you have an idea how deep the snow really is!

The second video is of Landon pretending to be stuck in the snow…until he realizes he really is stuck! He does love to put on a good show though!

This last one is of Landon attempting to do what Tony did in the first video, but he wasn’t quite as successful!

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

KellyCali said...

Um, pass. LOL!

Greetings From the Island of Guam!

p.s. You guys look like you are pros at defeating cabin fever! WTG!

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