Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today we got up early and picked up last nights mess because we had a showing between 10am and noon.

Today we finally stopped by the school to get Landon signed up for Spring baseball. It’s hard to believe baseball is right around the corner…especially with all this snow still on the ground.

Today we went to the mall to waste time while people were looking at the house. We ended up buying a few things and having lunch, so all was not lost.

Today we started watching the movie Howard the Duck. We turned it off after the first ten minutes because it was awful.

Today we had a second showing. From 3-4 pm. I hope they are “the ones”.

Today we went to Mema and Umpa’s house for dinner. She made ham slices and her famous macaroni and cheese.

Today, Zoe went to the mall to hang out with her boyfriend. She had hamburger helper for dinner at his family’s house. She also went to his hockey game.

Today, Landon found a robot shrinky dink kit that he got for Christmas. He is coloring them as I write this.

Today, Tony made a strawberry cheesecake for his brother’s birthday tomorrow. I have to make the other dessert tomorrow.

Today was a pretty good day. I’m looking forward to babysitting Lea tomorrow and celebrating Chris’s 40th birthday.

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Tony said...

If there are no pictures, then it didn't happen.

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