Friday, March 12, 2010

Angela has Left the Building

You read correctly, Angela has left me, her husband Tony, at home, with the kids, this weekend. She is on a mini vacation as she puts it. She left this morning after seeing Landon off on the school bus. Her and 5 friends have run off to a cabin in West Virginia for a weekend of scrapbooking, relaxation, and who knows what else.

I am left here to watch over the kids and to act as a guess blogger so she will not miss a day; while, she is off producing mass scrapbook pages. I have given her the task of finishing 20 pages, we shall see if she is able to accomplish that meager amount.

So while she is off having fun, I have been planning our weekend with the help of Landon. Zoe went to the mall with a friend. I dropped them off at 5 and picked them up at 8. They had dinner at Chevy’s and walked the mall, shopping and watching people. Meanwhile Landon and I were off to Pizzahut, and we came home to play some Lord of the Rings Online, before going back to the mall to get Zoe.

At the mall we stopped in Starbucks so I could pick up some whole bean coffee, Sumatra flavor. Landon had a pretzel and I almost picked up 1600 Microsoft Xbox Points. I am planning on buying Toy Soldiers for download so Landon and I can battle it out.

So far everyone is happy and getting along. We will see if it can last through the weekend.

Angela, We love you and miss you, but we also hope you are having fun and enjoying your mini break. See you soon.

Tony out.

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Carmen O. said...

Awww how sweet that Tony took over for you! Hope you're having a wonderful time and who cares if you finish 20 pages or 2 at least you're getting a well deserved break! Hey BTW you forgot me! giggles Have a great time!

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