Thursday, March 11, 2010

It’s a Boy!

Today was our big day!

I was so excited about going to find out the sex of this baby that I actually started getting a little nervous! Just a little of that nervous butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling.

Once we got to the radiology building we checked in only to find out that they had scheduled me wrong. The office had sent me an e-mail saying that I had a 9am appointment, but marked their books for 3pm. They were great about it though and went ahead and let me get my sonogram done.

Everyone was sure that we were having a girl; Tony even had a dream that we had a girl. I guess his dreams just don’t account for much though, because we could clearly see that this was going to be a boy. We are thrilled, and the kids are both happy as well. Zoe did say she wished I was having a girl because she would like another sister, but she said she’ll love this baby brother just the same. Landon was ecstatic because he had bet a friend at school it was going to be a boy…and he won…a mint. Hopefully the kid produces the mint or he’s not going to be too happy! :)


Now the great baby name search begins…any ideas?


Diana said...

It's so fun to find out the gender. Congratulations. I hope that mint shows up also...cute bet. Do take care.

Sarah Lou said...

Oh congratulatons!!! Sweet baby boys are divine! love teh mint story, so cute. what sort of names do you all go for??

Angela V. said...

Sarah Lou, as of right now we don't really have any solid name ideas...if you have some throw them at me! We are open to any ideas!

Snazzy Saz said...

A boy! Congratulations x Baby names; Kai, Connor and Bradley. Just some suggestions x

Amanda said...

Congratulations! Another boy! That's wonderful news!

I'm a fan of traditional names however, I always secretly loved Sawyer for a boy's name.

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