Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bowling and the Slurpee Slip-up

After running around all day yesterday we were all pretty tired and ended up sleeping in kind of late this morning. We hung around here doing nothing for awhile, which was nice, but I knew it couldn’t last all day, so we headed out for some bowling after lunch.


We started the game without bumpers, but by the 5th frame both kids wanted the bumpers put up. As you can see from the pictures above they both had their own methods…but really, Zoe’s only bowling like that because it was the only way she could get the ball to actually hit the pins! LOL! After the bumpers went up, she bowled the “right” way. :)

IMG_9817 IMG_9818

They played 3 games, but I didn’t think to take a picture of the first scores. I believe Zoe won the first round, but not by much. I think they both had scores in the 60’s. They both improved as time went on though, and Landon even beat Zoe once.

After bowling we swung by the 7-11 to get Slurpies, a real treat around here since we only get them about once a year!


For those of you who know Zoe, you know that she had made an agreement of sorts (with herself) that she was only going to drink water and milk for a year. Well, as evidenced in the photo above, the deal is off. After 7 months of nothing but water and milk, she’s broken her own deal.

For a Slurpee.


Sarah Lou said...

7 months of water and milk only is terrific! and do slurpee really count after all they are really ice and ice is for eating!

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