Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breakfast Request

We were supposed to go bowling today, but it didn’t happen. We just found ourselves busy with other things…like eating breakfast at I-Hop (Zoe’s request).

These are the pancakes she ordered:


And this is the rest of her order: hash browns, sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheese and chocolate milk.

She was hungry. :)


I had two pancakes and two scrambled eggs and big glass of OJ.

Landon ate both my sausages and Zoe’s. He thought he wasn’t hungry…at least until our food arrived.


After breakfast we headed over to the allergy office so Landon could get his weekly shots. We’re planning on going for another round of shots on Thursday then he’ll be done with the weekly routine and he’ll start going bi-weekly! Landon is really excited about that!

Once we were done at the allergy office we headed over to the mall so Zoe could use up some of her gift cards. She has several left over from Christmas and her birthday, so she was thrilled to get so much stuff today! She was able to get 6 new tank top style tops, one pair of shorts and a skirt and she still has 2 more gift cards to use!

I picked up a couple (much needed) maternity shirts and Landon had some money burning a hole in his wallet too, so he got himself the new Indiana Jones DS game. All in all it was a pretty good day. We are going to try making it to the bowling alley tomorrow…unless something better comes up!

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scrappygal said...

It's 9:42 PM and now I want pancakes.

Thanks a lot!

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