Saturday, April 24, 2010

Festival of the Arts + Track Meet

Landon’s school participated in a Festival of the Arts program at one of our malls this morning. I’m pretty sure they’ve been doing this for a few years now, but this is the first time we’ve attended.

Landon really wanted to go to the event because he knew he could earn a foot for his necklace…long story short, his school has a track at the playground where the kids are encouraged (but not forced) to walk/run/jog at least a lap a day at recess. For every third lap (mile) they receive a small foot charm to add to their necklace. Once they hit so many miles, I believe 4, they get a different kind of charm. So, at today’s even the PE teacher took the kids on a walk through the mall and they earned feet. Hopefully that made sense! :)

Here the kids are on their first lap around the bottom of the mall:


And, here they are earning their 2nd foot by looping the top half of the mall:


After his mall walk, he decided to give the Lummi Sticks a try:

IMG_0436 IMG_0440 IMG_0442

It was like a little Lummi Stick band right in the mall. Landon kept shaking his head no at me because he wanted me to quit taking pictures of him! But, as usual, I didn’t listen. He said doing the Lummi Sticks in the mall was embarrassing, so he didn’t like it much, but he stuck it out and finished both songs. There were several other things going on in the mall, but Landon had a play date to get to, so we didn’t stop at most of the other booths…maybe next year!

Zoe had to get up at 6 this morning in order to be ready to get on the track bus at 7am. She ended up with 2 ribbons, and setting a new personal record in the 400 sprint medley. We are so proud of her! She just continues to impress me, and I think she is pretty impressed with herself too! At least she should be!

Tony and I also stopped by Babies R Us again today and picked up a few little things there. I found a really nice diaper bag, and I may just take a picture or two of it for tomorrows blog! :)

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Carmen O. said...

Kudos to Landon for sticking it out! And Zoe wow YGG! Yesterday when I made the pancakes and bacon for Noah and his friends I took a pic of the platter of pancakes and bacon. One of the guys came up behind me and then turned around and went back out. He probably thought I was weird taking a pic of the food!! LOL

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