Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Gear

Last weekend we went out to Babies R Us and did some browsing. I found several things I wanted and needed, and thought I’d post a few of those here…of course it doesn’t mean it’s exactly what we’ll be getting, but a girl can dream, right?

So, originally I thought I would go with a black crib set, but I couldn’t fine one I really liked. Then I found this set and instantly fell in love with the dark cherry finish and the curviness of each piece. 

Baby Cache Oxford Lifetime Crib - Cherry - Baby Cache  - Babies"R"Us

Baby Cache Oxford Combo Unit - Cherry - Baby Cache  - Babies"R"Us

Baby Cache Oxford 4 Drawer Chest - Cherry - Baby Cache  - Babies"R"Us

I also liked this stroller/car seat/carrier combo by Safety 1st:

Safety 1st Aerolite LX Travel System Stroller - Pegasus - Safety 1st  - Babies"R"Us

And, Tony and I both really like this bedding set called Tree Tops from Carters:

Carter's Tree Tops 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Carters  - Babies"R"Us

Carter's Tree Tops Lamp - Carters  - Babies"R"Us

We plan on going back to the store this weekend sometime, and who knows what else I’ll find! Can’t wait! :)

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Amanda said...

Oh, I love it all! Cherry furniture is my favorite.

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