Monday, April 26, 2010

Milk Does a Body Good!

It’s true!

Milk really does do a body good.

How do I know you ask?



Last Monday I had my monthly prenatal appointment. While she checked me over and listened to the baby’s heartbeat I had to ask her if there was something I could do about the awful cramps I was getting in my calves at night. I remembered having them with both my other kids, but I forgot how intense they could be. She told me that there wasn’t a “cure” for them, but some people swore that drinking milk at night helped and that it seemed to have something to do with a deficiency in magnesium. 

I must admit that I was pretty skeptical, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose; except those terribly painful cramps. So, that very night I went home and made sure to drink a tall glass of milk before bed. And guess what? No cramps that night, but what can you tell after one night ,right?

Well, now It’s been exactly one week since I’ve started my “milk regimen” and I have yet to get a cramp. I sure am hoping this milk thing keeps working because those cramps were something awful!

And, if your wondering about the picture, those are all little bottles of chocolate milk. Because why would I drink plain ol’ milk when I can have chocolate?

Duh. :)


Diana Joy said...

haha you make me laugh. chocolate milk is the best. Glad it's working.

Amanda said...

That is my oldest son's dream: a fridge full of chocolate milk! Too bad I don't indulge him on that one...

So glad the "milk regimen" is working out for you! I hated those darn leg cramps. They were horribly painful.

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