Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ms. Smarty Pants

I got up a little earlier this morning than I usually do, mostly because I wanted to get a picture of Zoe before she left for school in this cute outfit:


But, it was early and we were inside, so the photo wasn’t the best. So, when she got home, I took this one:


So much better! The little carnation in her hair looks nice too, and it matches her tank perfectly, don’t cha think? That carnation is actually pretty important…it signifies her being chosen to be in the National Honor Society! We got a little note inviting us to the induction ceremony next month. I am extremely proud of her!

The next two pictures are just a couple I ran outside to get this morning. As I mentioned before, I was up a little earlier than normal and I guess that made me notice how pretty those azalea’s were in the front yard. And, I’m LOVING the way the sun looks shining through the tree branches!


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