Saturday, April 3, 2010

Night at the Carnival

Last night we made a stop at the carnival outside of our mall. It was kind of a last minute decision to go, but Zoe had been asking if she could go with her boyfriend and of course once Landon heard about it he wanted to go too!


Tony, Zoe, Landon and Dylan (Zoe’s boyfriend) rode the Ferris Wheel together. I’m pretty sure Landon was the only one who wanted to ride it, but everyone put on their brave face and went along.


Landon rode down the big slide a couple times.


And, Zoe was nice enough to take a spin on the Mouse Trap with him.


Then, all three kids hopped on the Merry Go Round…


But, Landon hadn’t had enough of the Mouse Trap, so he got Tony to give it a try.


Meanwhile, Zoe was getting flipped around on the Zipper with a friend she happened to bump into. They are in the very top basket in this picture.


Landon couldn’t leave the carnival without playing at least one or two games. The first one he tried his luck at was the ring toss. No luck…so he moved onto the balloon pop game where he won a tiny stuffed leopard.

We had a pretty good time, but I’m pretty sure Tony and I will be happy if we don’t have to stop by for another 5 years or so!


Amanda said...

Looks like fun! Happy Easter!

susan and sometimes aaron said...

reminds me of the fests from germany. was fun back in the day, but i can see how it'd get old really fast the older you get!

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