Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Catch-Up

This past week and weekend was so much fun, but I am still tired.

So, I’ll just be posting a bunch of pictures from yesterday…

When the boys weren’t playing video games or hunting Easter eggs, they were out doing a little skateboarding:


Mom made some deviled eggs:


Dad grilled some barbequed chicken and a few steaks:


Zoe multi-tasked:


LaTisha was sick and stayed home from work, so we got to hang out with her a little too:


And the dogs just wished they could get closer to the dinner table:

IMG_9980 IMG_0068 IMG_9974

I did get one thing accomplished today though. I finally got a new phone! Mine has been unusable since sometime last week, but our schedule’s been hectic so it wasn’t until today that I went out and got myself one of these:


Yay! :)


Carmen O. said...

Great pix! And I love the phone...someday... :D

Amanda said...

iphones kick butt! More butt talk... My horsefly hives are growing!!! Argh!

I seriously don't know what I did before I got my iphone. I love it!

Water Balloons

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