Thursday, April 22, 2010


As busy as my day was today, none of it was really blog worthy.

I don’t want to break my blogging record just yet though, so I’m just going to post some randomness.

1) My poor little dog has a couple kidney stones. We took her to the vet today so that the veterinarian could do a hydropulsion treatment to attempt to flush out the stones, but he was only able to remove one with this method. I would explain the process but I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not sure what we are going to do about the other stone, but for now she’s still really out of it from the anesthesia, and it makes me very sad.

2) The vet bill makes me even sadder.

3) So far, my photo file for April contains 454 photos. Here are a few of them that I don’t think I’ve shared before:


This is one of Zoe’s new spring outfits. She was really digging the skirts the day we went shopping and ended up with several like this one.


This is one of Landon before school one morning. The Easter Bunny brought him that ball, and it is a constant source of entertainment and trouble. :)


Lea’s first day hanging out with me. I think we may be BFF’s now.


The Bartlett Pear tree in our front yard. Taken from the back yard. I wish it always looked like that, but man those trees stink when they are in bloom! 


Diana Joy said...

Life is full of random things and sometimes we just need to share them. Nice post. I've never see a pear tree let alone smell one. That fact surprised me but I'll take your word for it. Take care.

ValAnn said...

Random is nice. My son is random, or that's what my daughter calls him. We also have a pear tree, very "scentful" and attracts a LOT of bees!! They are pretty though!

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