Friday, May 14, 2010

Five for Friday

1) I’ve been using this photo of flowers my parent’s brought me for Mother’s Day as my desktop background. I wish they still looked like this in real life…but they are looking pretty droopy.


2) The back of our truck has been looking like this all week:


We’ve boxed and moved a ton of stuff to storage, but there is still about 500 tons to go, and we are down to 9 days. Yikes.

3) My kids only have 21 days of school left for the year. The end of a school year always makes me a little sad. Not because they’ll be home all day, but because it means they are just getting older, and the end of a grade reminds me of their growth. And my age.

4) After dinner we took the kids to Cold Stone. I don’t like how they have to play with the ice cream before you get it. I mean, it just kinda grosses me out to see them slap all that junk in the ice cream and then smoosh it all together with a spoon. I got a “like it” Creme de Menthe shake…it was ok. Zoe had a Birthday Cake Remix and ate the whole thing. Landon had sweet cream ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears and chocolate chips…and ate the gummy bears.

5) I got the results back from my glucose test on Monday. Everything was normal! I am thankful for that bit of good news…especially knowing I won’t have to drink that nasty sugar concoction and sit in the doctor’s office for three hours!

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Carmen O. said...

awww I love Coldstone! We used to do that to our ice cream as kids only in our bowls. Smash it and stir it til it got like softserve. There is a place in the 'burbs of Milwaukee that has the creamery stone. The prices there were much better than Coldstone, until Coldstone became a local competitor then they upped their prices not as high as coldstone but the difference in price wasn't as big as before. Also liked going to that village because Reiman(Taste of Home and Birds and Blooms, etc.) publications has their outlet there.

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