Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hotel Hunting

We went on a home away from home hotel search today. We don’t know how long we’ll need to stay in a hotel before we are able to close on our house, but we thought we would try to get some base prices and ideas of what is available in our area.

We determined that pretty much no matter where we stay, it’s going to cost about an arm and a leg…and possibly from more than one of us.

We looked at this hotel first, and I think it was probably the coolest of any of them. It looked like it was designed by people who create furniture for IKEA…everything looked eco-friendly and clean. They even had special hybrid car parking up front! I guess owning a hybrid has some perks!

Element by Westin Arundel Mills

Element by Westin Arundel Mills

We also looked at this hotel right outside the mall, but it was rather expensive. We didn’t get to look in any of the rooms because they hadn’t been cleaned yet, so I'm just going by the online photo’s and it looks pretty nice.

Outdoor Pool, Patio & Grill

One-Bedroom Suite

One-Bedroom Suite Kitchen

We also looked at Homestead Studio Suites Hotels and Extended Stay America Hotels, neither of which were great, but much more affordable. The downfall to both of these were the lack of separate bedrooms and even beds. The first one only had one bed per room, period.The other one had 2 double beds or even 2 king beds per room, but nothing was private. Privacy wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were only a week, but since this could turn out to be a month or so, I’d rather not have a completely open floor plan.

We looked at a few other places, but they aren’t even worth mentioning. I even called a corporate apartment complex that has short term lease options, but they require a minimum 3 month stay. I’m am REALLY hoping I won’t need anything that long!

Hopefully we will know something by the end of this week so we know where to go and what to rent. If not, I may just pull all of my hair out and go into a hysterical, maniacal rage.

But then, that could always happen anyways.

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Amanda said...

Ugh! I'm sorry to hear that you'll be living in a hotel for a while. That sucks. But, hey, you won't have to clean! So that's something of an upside...

Good luck with your search.

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