Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Around the House

I spent my entire day packing boxes today. I started in Zoe’s room, then did some in my room, then moved onto my scrapbook room. It’s no wonder I’m so tired tonight!

While I spent time packing, Zoe spent a good part of her day studying for her AP Statistics exam, Tony helped do some packing then worked on his paper and Landon had a friend over and they built a hideout:


They built it using a kit I bought a few years ago. It’s made by Cranium and you can build it any way you can imagine…it’s actually a pretty neat toy that has been played with a lot over the past couple years. I love toys like that!

I noticed this gorgeous clematis in my neighbors yard this afternoon and decided to sneak a few pictures of it:

IMG_0549 IMG_0552

And, because I was already in the back yard, I took one of my little roses too:


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