Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sporty Saturday

This is how we spent our morning:

Landon did an excellent job on second base, it’s too bad we didn’t actually catch any of his best moments on tape. He did get a few runners out by tagging them, we were just too busy watching the game to remember to record it! And, out of his three times up at bat this was the only time he hit the ball this game…too bad that first baseman was paying attention! (Doesn’t Landon’s face look a little surprised when he makes contact with the ball! LOL!)

And this is how we spent a bit of our afternoon; but first let me apologize for my screaming into the camera! I scared myself the first time I watched the tape! :)

I was so happy to get to go to Zoe’s meet after Landon’s game, and then to watch her run this race so well was just icing on the cake! She didn’t set a new personal record, but to watch her hold a steady 2nd place and then pass the 1st place runner and hold the lead for her team was amazing!

FYI: The event was called the Long Distance Medley which means that Zoe ran the first 2 laps, then she passed to the second runner who did a 1 lap sprint, then she passed to the 3rd runner who did 3 laps, and then passed to the final runner who did 4 laps. (I’m hoping that makes sense.) It was very close at the end but her team did win first place! We were so proud! 

Thankfully it was a really nice day out for all these sports activities, but I didn’t put on any sunscreen, so I’ve got a little bit of a farmers tan going on right now. Hopefully it won’t be a burn that hurts tomorrow!

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