Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cupcakes on Display

Zoe has been invited to another Sweet 16 party.


She and her friend decided that they were going to make this lucky girl something special…something super sweet. So, they made her rainbow frosted funfetti cupcakes and peanut butter brownies.

(Landon helped somehow, but I can’t remember exactly how. Maybe moral support or taste testing?)

After they put everything in the oven to bake they made this super awesome display stand, using cardboard, aluminum foil, pink cellophane, tape, sprinkles and pink cups. It took them hours to complete this masterpiece and their friend should feel pretty special…I mean, it was an all day affair!

IMG_1446 (2)

The whole thing turned out really cute but my favorite part had to be the little sprinkles they added under the taped down cups…and the rainbow frostings.

The only bad thing about the idea: the drive to the party and the delivery.

There were a few oh crap moments, but we did manage!

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Amanda said...

Wow! Very creative :-)

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