Thursday, July 1, 2010

7 Aside




Last night Zoe played her first 7 aside game of the summer. It was a gorgeous day, only in the low 80’s, but sitting out in that sun nearly killed me!

Zoe played really well and said she had a lot of fun, but boy is she sore today! She’ll have two games a week until the beginning of August, so I suppose she’ll be in good shape for fall soccer tryouts…Varsity soccer, here she comes!

Landon cannot go to a soccer game and actually watch, so he brought a ball and “forced” his dad to play with him. It didn’t take long though and they were on the bleachers with me dying from that blazing sun!

IMG_1450 IMG_1451

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Amanda said...

Sadly, anything in the 80s would feel like a cold front here. Ugh! The heat is unbearable here.

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