Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spinal Fusion

So yesterday, while we were all sitting around doing a bunch of nothing, my nephew Jaron was undergoing a major surgery to fix his scoliosis. Technically it is called a spinal fusion, and it’s as scary as it sounds.

I didn’t want to blog about his surgery yesterday because I wanted to be sure that everything went well and he was okay. Which it did and he is, and we are all so thankful that the procedure is done and now he can begin his long road to recovery.

My sister is keeping a blog about Jaron’s surgery/recovery here if you’re interested. She’s mainly writing the blog for my dad who is out of country for work, but it’s also a good way to track his progress.

I’m sure that if you have had the surgery, or your child has had the surgery and you’d like to share your experiences/encouragement, they would both greatly appreciate it!

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Carmen O. said...

So happy to read your nephew is doing well after his spinal fusion! I'm glad your sis is doing a blog it's probably therapeutic for her as well. Take care!

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