Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Today was such an awesome day. We got so much accomplished, and I am really beginning to see an end to all this craziness of putting the house together.

My Mom, sister and nephew came over and that’s always nice. Mom and I headed out to JoAnne’s to pick out some fabrics for the kitchen/dining area of my house. There are 2 regular size windows, a sliding glass door out to the deck, one large window and 2 skylights, so it gets extremely hot in that area. We found some great idea’s in a magazine and then picked out some beautiful fabrics that she is going to sew into curtains for me. I am so excited to see how all of it will come together! I’ll be sure to post pictures once we get them hung in a few weeks.

My mother-in-law also stopped by to help Tony with some yard work. We have several downed pine trees in our back yard and Tony was eager to get started chopping them up with his new chainsaw. He was a bit nervous to use the saw at first, but once he got started, he ended up getting a ton of the wood taken care of. My mother-in-law helped to drag the debris out of the way, and we all noticed how much better the yard was looking! I can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s all cleaned up!

Unfortunately, Landon wasn’t feeling well all day so he mostly laid around on the couch watching TV. Zoe had her boyfriend over and my sister worked on Jaron’s hair for a good part of the afternoon. I’d say it was a pretty productive day for everyone involved…I know I’m tired, but definitely looking forward to getting more done tomorrow.

I’m really hoping I’ll get some pictures to share sometime tomorrow…

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Diana Joy said...

Sounds like a fabulous family involved day. Congrats on all the accomplishments. I sew for my daughter too.

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