Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Rough Start to a Great Day

Today was the day the kids had been looking forward to all week.

Today we got up, got on our bathing suits (everyone except me, that is) and headed down to the water park.


I had planned on sitting on the side watching everyone and taking pictures but when we got inside I immediately started to melt. They must keep that water park a comfortable 4000 degrees because I was sure I was gonna die in there! Of course all the people wearing bathing suits and playing in the water were fine, but I was slowly withering away. So, after 10 minutes, I headed upstairs to the bar where it was air conditioned.

I didn’t bring anything to do since I thought I’d be watching the kids, but once I was up in the bar I wished I had. I did call my sister  to wish her a happy birthday and check on my nephew and that’s when I noticed Landon come running out of the pool and head straight for a lifeguard. At first I thought that maybe he just wanted to ask them a question, but when more guards started gathering around, I realized something was wrong. I hung up with my sister and ran down the two flights of stairs as fast as my pregnant legs would go.

As I got to the area where Landon was, Tony and Zoe were heading in his direction too. Luckily he was ok, but apparently he hit his face on the side of the slide on the way down and got a cut on the top of his lip and a bloody nose. It wasn’t too bad, but it bled and bled. He was really worried that the cut above his lip was going to hurt when he got back in the chlorinated water so I offered to run back to our unit to get him Motrin. Wouldn’t you know he was fine when I got back (nearly 25 minutes later…this is a big place!). Oh well, I’m just glad it wasn’t anything more serious.

After I dropped off the Motrin and made sure everything was ok, I headed back to the unit where I relaxed for a few hours before going back for dinner. I left the camera with Tony and he took several pictures since I wasn’t there to do it, but since this post is already really long, the next one will be of the best water park photos!

Stay tuned…

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