Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Park Photo’s

These first two photo’s are ones I took from the bar upstairs. They turned out pretty good despite being behind glass.  


Tony took control of the camera when I left, and took the next 3. The first one is when the kids were floating down the lazy river…don’t thy look like they’re enjoying themselves? I love their expressions!


In the next photo they are just coming off of one of the slides. It sure looks like they had fun!


I like this next picture of Zoe but I think the wall behind her is kind of weird looking for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that looks strange though…maybe the color?


Once I got back to the park I took the camera back. Here’s what I got:

Tony relaxing outside while watching Landon jump around in the wave pool. He makes this face a lot when the camera is pointed in his direction.


Zoe decided she had had enough of the water by the time I got back, so she also sat on the side watching Landon jump around in the waves. I think she is so photogenic and I always love to get photo’s of her without makeup on. She’s beautiful with or without makeup, it just isn’t too often that we see her without it now that she’s 15…and even rarer that I get a picture while she’s without.


Tony really wanted to go down the big water slide before we left for the day even though it wasn’t quite as warm out as he would have liked. Landon decided he wanted to go at the last second so up they went. I know these next two aren’t the best photo’s but Landon’s on the green slide and Tony is right next to him on the blue slide.


After the racing down the slide, Landon ran back to the wave pool. That boy could jump waves for hours without getting bored! 


As we were leaving the outdoor section of the park I noticed these beautiful flowers. I felt the need to stop and give my macro setting a try…this is what I got:


Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Diana Joy said...

Wow, vacation looks fun: craft classes and water park. Where are you?

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