Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner Date at Ruth’s Chris


This past Saturday (7/24/2010) Tony and I treated ourselves to a date night at Ruth's Chris Steak House. Last year for Christmas we bought my parents a gift certificate for Ruth's Chris, and they never got around to using it due to the fact that the gift certificates were only good for the Annapolis location...so, we got lucky and they gave us the certificate! We had been to Morton's Steak House and loved it, but had heard from several people how much better Ruth's Chris was, so we were excited to try it out. We weren't disappointed!

Our reservations were at 6 pm but we got there about 10 minutes early and were whisked off to our table immediately. The restaurant itself was very nicely decorated although it appeared that they were having trouble with their air conditioning because it was extremely warm and I noticed several people fanning themselves.

Our waiter, Javier came to our table almost immediately after we were seated and welcomed us (using our last name, which I found impressive!) and guided us through the menu, pointing out specials and answering questions we had. Tony and I decided on the scallops for our shared appetizer and WOW, they were delicious! I'm pretty sure even Chef Ramsay would have been happy to send them out of the kitchen! We then ordered Ruth's Chop Salad to share, and I think we both agreed that we would return to the restaurant for that salad alone...it was just that good!

The salad:

For the main course I chose the petite filet while Tony ordered the prime rib (which was gigantic) and a lobster tail. I am not the biggest fan of steak so I always order something small when we go out to steakhouses, but this steak was delicious! I'm still glad I only ordered the petite filet though because it was enough, especially with the (1 pound) baked potato and broccoli au gratin Tony and I split between us...not to mention the piece of lobster I begged Tony to share with me!

As if that wasn't enough food already, our waiter brought out the dessert menu. I couldn't decide between the Chocolate Sin Cake and the Cheesecake, but as it turned out I didn't have to. When Tony made our reservations he informed them that we were going to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary (albeit a month late) and they brought out a slice of the Chocolate Sin Cake on the house for us to share. It was incredible and it made my choice that much easier! Tony and I couldn't believe the size of the cheesecake we ordered! It was about the size of a personal pizza or so, and it was excellent! Between the two of us though, we couldn't even eat half because we were so full, so we brought it back to his mom as a thank you for watching the kids while we were out.

Chocolate Sin Cake:

It ended up being a wonderful evening despite the lack of air conditioning and we will hopefully get to go back there again sometime soon!

PS. I don't know if I would say that Ruth's Chris was better than Morton's, but it was fabulous either way!


Liz said...

you need to try Lewne's - very awesome, as well :)

Diana Joy said...

Glad you are feeling well at this point. Dinner sounds delicious.

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