Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surprise Mail!

Last week I received a package in the mail from an old friend. We were really close in high school, but drifted apart once we both moved back here to the States.

Not too long ago we reconnected through Facebook and now we talk often. Well, long story short, she found out I was pregnant and decided to send me something for the baby:

IMG_1803 IMG_1802

A crocheted baby blanket, and wow is it beautiful! I am so impressed by how beautifully made it is, and I only wish I was as talented. This friend of mine also made one of these blankets for Zoe when she was born, and I’ll have to be sure to get it out and take some pictures of it…it’s one we use quite often.

She also sent this:


Sweet, huh?

I’m loving the little outfits and the thoughtful toys…but that blanket!?! I feel so lucky to have a friend who would take her time out to make that for me!

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