Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wall Decals

Yesterday my Mom and Jaron came up for a visit. Mom and I worked on decorating the house (hooray!) while Tony took the kids to the pool for a few hours. Mom and I had such a good time running around to stores looking for stuff for the house, and we ended up getting 3 different sets of wall decals.

We found these word decals at Kohls to put above the shelf in my dining area, but once we got them home realized that they weren’t going to work there…so we made them work above the big window in the same room, and it is the perfect saying for that area!

It’s hard to see here, but it says “The Fondest Memories are Made When Gathered Around the Table”. It’s really a perfect saying for our family dining area as we spend a lot of time playing games, doing crafts, homework and eating dinner every night together. Not to mention all the times we have family or friends there with us. 


We found this really cool looking clock decal at Target and I decided I wanted it in my scrapbook room; it is so cool looking, I just love it! It’s a real working clock too, so it’s not only adorable, but functional!


And, I wasn’t ever really satisfied with the way Zoe’s picture frame collage came out, so Mom and I found the perfect thing to spruce up that area as well (also from Target):


I had the idea to put up the black frames to fill in the area, but Mom had the brilliant idea to put up the decals behind everything to give just the extra oomph it needed! I think the wall went from okay looking to awesome!

Here’s a picture of the before, in case you forgot how boring it was:


See how lonesome those frames look?

Not anymore!

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susan and sometimes aaron said...

neat! i just applied a few decals to my orange living room and i love the way they look. i'll eventually post some pics of the finished room. it's still a work in progress. love what you've gotten down on your new house. can't believe you're getting so much done so close to the baby's arrival. i was pretty much non-functioning when i was about to pop! can't wait to see the little guy!!

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