Monday, August 23, 2010

4th Grader!

Today was Landon’s first day of school…he’s in the 4th grade. It hurts my heart. I know he’s happy to be one of the bigger kids in school, but I just wish I could squish him back down to Kindergarten size and start all over.

As painful as today was, I’m sure that tomorrow is only going to be worse when I send my little Zoe to 11th grade. And no, it doesn’t matter that she’s taller and smarter than I am…she’s still my little Zoe and I’d like to squish her down too. I’d let her squish to 1st grade size.

Anyways, here are the obligatory first day of fourth grade photos:

Do you see the silly band collection? He was determined to wear them to school! He chose the outfit for school too. He loves that shirt, and in the third photo down you can see the coolest shoes ever!IMG_2141

His backpack weighs more than he does!


The cool pose…and you can see the awesome shoes! :)


And he’s off to another great year. I sure hope he’s got a lot of his friends in his class. I can’t wait to hear how it all went when he gets home!


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