Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Game Night {Triopoly}

I have never in my life played a game of Monopoly. I’m not sure how my entire childhood got away without once playing that game, but it did.


Sunday night Tony decided we were going to have a family game night. Monopoly isn’t a game we own (and we own MANY) but years ago Tony and I bought the game Triopoly…and never even played it! So, that was the game of choice on Sunday, and it was a hit. The kids really liked it! I did learn a few things that night though, things I may never have learned if not for that game, such as:

  • Zoe is hell bent on winning that game. She will make sure that she sucks every last penny out of you possible, and she’s even happy to make you mortgage your property in order to pay up. She’s totally relentless.
  • Landon doesn’t pay much attention when it comes to which property he owns. We can land on his property over and over again and he rarely notices…and we even wait a few extra minutes for him to catch on, but he just doesn’t.
  • Tony mortgages more property than anyone else. Over and over again, and early on. I don’t know if this is strategic, or if he just can’t manage money…but, I will keep doing the check books around here, that’s for sure.
  • I like Triopoly. I like that it’s a game we all can sit and play for a few hours and then put away and resume the next day…or whenever. I like that we can all enjoy the same game despite our age gaps. I love the family time.

We all enjoyed playing so much on Sunday that we started a new game tonight. After two hours I couldn’t sit anymore so we packed it up, but the kids have already asked when we thought we’d get back to it.

That makes me a happy mom.

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