Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Someone forgot to call/text/write the baby to let him know that today was his eviction date.

It looks like I may need to bring in reinforcements to get this show on the road. He's just not ready I guess...and I suppose I can't really blame him. I mean, after all, once he's out he's out for good, so I'm thinking he's just making the most of his time on the inside.

I had my weekly appointment yesterday and after an hours wait (GRR!) the doctor came in and told me there was no progress. I told her that I was a bit concerned about his lack of movement so she hooked me up to a machine that recorded any contractions I had and each time the baby moved I had to push a button so that the machine could record that as well. I was also able to hear his heartbeat the entire time which is always such a pleasure. Everything checked out well during the testing and exam so we are just sitting and waiting at this point. (The doctor did say that if I hadn’t had him already I would be scheduled for an induction next Thursday, which will put me at just over 41 weeks. At least I know I won’t be pregnant for sure after that date…but, I’m really hoping I’ll be in and out of the hospital before then on my own.)

I have been having a few contractions today and I think that I am starting to freak Zoe out a little bit. Every time I say something about contractions she wonders if it's time for me to get to the hospital. For instance, we went out to lunch today and once we pulled into the parking lot I needed to wait a second before getting out because I was having a strong contraction. When Zoe asked me if I was contracting I said yes and she said "Do you need to go to the hospital?" to which I responded "No, not yet." She then informed me that if I went into labor while we were in Subway, we were screwed. (Her exact words! LOL!)  When I asked why, she said it was because she couldn't drive and I wouldn't be able to either! Poor kid, she's panicking about what's going to happen when I finally do go into labor. I keep explaining that when I do go into labor it'll be hours before the baby's actually born (most likely) and not to worry, but I don't think it's helping.

Landon isn't so worried about the whole thing and when his Mema asked him about the baby he just told her that they were going to give me a pill in a week and then I would have him.

Proof that he listens to what I tell him...sort of. :)

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